• $100.00 cash deposit applies. This deposit is reserved to cover additional clean-up or repairs.  Upon a satisfactory inspection of the premises, the deposit is fully refundable.

• Please respect the structure, furnishings and property. Please bring a throw if you know that your dog will be on the furniture.

• Dog(s) must be dog and people friendly.

• Dog(s) must be current on all shots. You must provide proof of rabies vaccine.

• Your dog(s) must be on active flea and tick prevention. It is also a good idea to check for fleas and especially ticks during the spring and summer months.

• Please clean up after your dog(s). Bags are provided, place these bags in the outside receptacle.

• Dog(s) may not be left unattended at the cabin unless crated.

• Due to wildlife in the area, pet food (or any kind of food) must not be left outside overnight or when the cabin is vacant.  Coyote, raccoons, opossum and various other wildlife have been sighted in the area.

• Please note, two female dogs, 3 horses and a guard donkey live on property.

Dogs only (a maximum of two) are permitted with prior approval of the proprietors.  Pet fee - $10.00/dog per day.

Dog Policy